Greenhouse Technologies is a thriving entity specialising in Greenhouse related products. This includes greenhouse plastics, peat moss, coir, irrigation systems and Dutch technology.

Our first warehouse opened in City Deep at the Multi-Flora Market in 2007 and has since grown and expanded. Today we are known as one of the market leaders in the greenhouse industry, with more than 40 employees and 5 Warehouses nationwide.

Products on offer to the horticulture and agriculture industries include, amongst others, greenhouse plastic, where we offer a variety of greenhouse film options with different properties to aid all of the grower’s needs.

Another popular product is coir, a standard greenhouse product in the industry today. This is a 100% organic growing medium and can be used to improve the structure of your growing medium. Coir is a cellulose material that conserves moisture for longer, which is the very reason it has become such a popular growing medium, used as is or as part of a blend with peat. Through our irrigation partner Rivulis, we now provide a wide range of horticulture/agriculture products, including drip lines (brown & green-black), Supertif button drippers, filters and valves.

My core belief is in growing with my customers, I believe that if you invest in your customers, they will invest in you.

– Francois de Kock, Founder and MD of Greenhouse Technologies

At Greenhouse Technologies, we also supply peat moss from the world’s leading manufacturer Klasmann-Deilmann, directly imported from Europe.

All our products are certified and tested offsite and arrive at Greenhouse Technologies – ready to be delivered. Our peat moss is tested in Lithuania, coir coco peat is imported from India (where each container has been tested) and our film is imported from Israel.

At Greenhouse Technologies, we make sure that the factories where our products are manufactured, have performed all the necessary tests prior to shipment. This ensures that a high level of quality is maintained as well as the relationships we have with our foreign investors.

What makes our company unique is how we go all-out to give our clients the best possible product for their individual needs.

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction – achieved by combining a focus on quality products and after-sales service to match. When it comes to growing in a greenhouse, we offer an end-to-end product solution that gives clients the best possible service, with the
best possible results.

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